Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slices of life from Peru

Here are some pictures, really just to make my mom happy:
The church is in Trujillo, a costal city, the rest are some slices of life from Musho.


  1. Hey now I can be happy! Your Mom

  2. Hola Kait!

    Sorry to get in touch with you this way but, we are RPCVs from Jamaica and are heading your way. Hear Ancash is really beautiful. We have been traveling in Latin America for a long time and often partnering with PCVs on projects and such, in Peru we met many volunteers in Colca Canyon already. We are heading your way and were wondering if we could possibly meet up? We are taking an overnight bust tomorrow night, so getting in to Huaraz early morning the 19th. Not sure how long we’ll be in the area exactly. Are you guys all in Huaraz this week for your aids training? Where is your site in relation to Huraz? Could you possibly host us or do you live with a host family? Any projects you are working on we could help with? We started a nonprofit after Peace Corps to work on small PC type projects and have a little bit of funding as well.

    We would love to hear back from you either way. We will check email tomorrow ( or you can call us at (72) 972.937240. If it is possible to come to your site, it would be great if you could text or email us the directions to get there by bus.

    Look forward to meeting you!

    Donny and Brooke